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Articles 10.30.14
Last year, the Senate passed a bipartisan measure to repair our broken immigration system and strengthen our economy. That bill would be law today, but Republican leaders in the House refused to allow a vote. Consequently, Preside
Press Releases 10.30.14
“Today, our country has lost one of our greatest urban leaders. Tom Menino stands as a singular figure in the history of Boston – this great American city’s longest serving, and first ever Italian-American mayor."
Press Releases 10.29.14
“When disaster strikes, Congress has a responsibility to stand behind the victims and to help our communities bounce back stronger than ever."
Press Releases 10.29.14
“Speaker Boehner cannot find a single lawyer in the entire country – even at $500 dollars an hour in taxpayer money – to file a lawsuit that is totally devoid of any legal merit.
Press Releases 10.28.14
“Five years ago today, President Obama’s signature on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act toppled a barrier between lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans and justice."
Blog Posts 10.27.14
It’s time to really get to work for the American people by joining House Democrats in jumpstarting the middle class and addressing issues of importance to the American people.
Blog Posts 10.25.14
First, Republicans had no clue how much their frivolous lawsuit would end up costing American taxpayers’ money. Then, the partisan $500 taxpayer dollars an hour big shot GOP lawyer they initially hired bailed on them. Now, it tu
Blog Posts 10.24.14
For all the talk about their so-called, lame 46-jobs bills, Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans got a rude awakening this week: there are…‘Just not many’ jobs in the GOP jobs plan.
Blog Posts 10.23.14
In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, we wanted to remind you of Speaker Boehner’s lame lip service on immigration a year ago today.
Blog Posts 10.22.14
Earlier today, GOP Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued out a memo to Members of the Republican Conference, highlighting the new GOP manufactured crisis: undermine the crucial work of federal agencies in the 114th Congress.
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