• Posted: 2021-09-15
  • المؤلف: idk
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For the majority of I2P's existence, it's been an application that runs with the help of a Java Virtual Machine that is already installed on the platform. This has always been the normal way to distribute Java applications, but it leads to a complicated installation procedure for many people. To make things even more complicated, the "right answer" to making I2P easy to install on any given platform might not be the same as any other platform. For example, I2P is quite simple to install with standard tools on Debian and Ubuntu based operating systems, because we can simply list the required Java components as "Required" by our package, however on Windows or OSX, there is no such system allowing us to make sure that a compatible Java is installed.

The obvious solution would be to manage the Java installation ourselves, but this used to a problem in-and-of-itself, outside of the scope of I2P. However, in recent Java versions, a new set of options has emerged which has the potential to solve this problem for many Java software. This exciting tool is called "Jpackage."

I2P-Zero and Dependency-Free I2P Installation

The first very successful effort at building a dependency-free I2P Package was I2P-Zero, which was created by the Monero project originally for use with the Monero cryptocurrency. This project got us very excited because of it's success in creating a general-purpose I2P router which could easily packaged with an I2P application. Especially on Reddit, many people express their preference for the simplicity of setting up an I2P-Zero router.

This really proved to us that a dependency-free I2P Package which was easy to install was possible using modern Java tools, but I2P-Zero's use case was a little bit different than ours. It is best for embedded apps that need an I2P router that they can easily control using it's convenient control port on port "8051". Our next step would be to adapt the technology to the general-purpose I2P Application.

OSX Application Security Changes affect I2P IzPack Installer

The issue became more pressing in recent versions of Mac OSX, where it is no longer straightforward to use the "Classic" installer which comes in the .jar format. This is because the application is not "Notarized" by Apple authorities and it is deemed a security risk. However, Jpackage can produce a .dmg file, which can be notarized by Apple authorities, conveniently solving our problem.

The new I2P .dmg installer, created by Zlatinb, makes I2P easier to install on OSX than ever, no longer requiring users to install Java themselves and using standard OSX installation tools in their prescribed ways. The new .dmg installer makes setting up I2P on Mac OSX easier than it's ever been.

Get the dmg.

The I2P of the future is Easy to Install

One of the things I hear from users the most is that if I2P wants adoption, it needs to be easy to use for people. Many of them want a "Tor Browser Like" user experience, to quote or paraphrase many familiar Redditors. Installation should not require complicated and error-prone "post-installation" steps. Many new users are not prepared to deal with their browser configuration in a thorough and complete way. To address this problem, we created the I2P Profile Bundle which configured Firefox so that it would automatically "Just Work" for I2P. As it's developed, it's added security features and improved integration with I2P itself. In it's latest version, it also bundles a complete, Jpackage powered I2P Router. The I2P Firefox Profile is now a fully-fledged distribution of I2P for Windows, with the only remaining dependency being Firefox itself. This should provide an unprecedented level of convenience for I2P users on Windows.

Get the installer.