• Geplaatst op: 2022-08-03
  • Auteur: zlatinb
  • Geplaatst in beta

We are pleased to offer an Easy Install BETA bundle for Mac OS running on Apple Silicon hardware. You can download it here:

I2P Mac OS Easy Install bundles


In our internal benchmarks the cryptographic operations are between 2 and 2.5 times faster than when running the Intel bundle under Rosetta.

Known Issues

  • Quitting I2P by right-clicking on the dock icon causes I2P to freeze and a "Force Quit" is necessary. This issue will be fixed for the 1.9 release.
  • If you already had an Intel bundle installed on your Mac, you need to modify some settings to prevent in-network updates from reverting you to an Intel bundle. Please see the instructions on the download page.

Thank you for testing!