Your web browser will need to be configured in order to browse web sites on I2P and to utilize the outproxies available within I2P. Below are walkthroughs for some of the most popular browsers.

Windows için Firefox profili

If you are using Windows, the recommended way of accessing I2P is using the Firefox profile.

If you do not wish to use that profile or are not on Windows, you need to configure your browser yourself. Read below on how to that.

Web Tarayıcınızı Nasıl Yapılandırabilirsiniz


Extension-based Configuration: I2P in Private Browsing

A new way of automatically configuring the I2P Browser is currently being tested. It uses the Firefox's "Container Tabs" to build private browsing tools for use with I2P and I2P applications.

It does pre-configuration of your browser by enabling some of the privacy Browser Settings like ResistFingerprinting, and enforces WebRTC proxy obedience. It also contains menus, shortcuts, and monitoring tools improving Firefox's integration with I2P. It should not substantially interfere with your non-I2P Firefox tabs.

The extension, I2P in Private Browsing, can be obtained from the Mozilla addon store.

The source code for the extension is available at

Firefox 57 ve üzerindeki sürümler için yönergeler:

From the Menu button in the top right, select Preferences. Scroll down until you see the Network Proxy section, as shown in the screenshot below. Click on Settings

Firefox 57 Ağ Ayarları

In the Connection Settings pop-up, select Manual proxy configuration. Set both the HTTP and SSL Proxy to address with port 4444 as shown in the following screenshot.

Bağlantı Ayarları

Finally, go to the address about:config and find the property Ensure that this setting is True.

PeerConnection Ayarları


Extension-based Configuration: I2PChrome.js(Experimental, additional configuration)

An experimental, partially-automated configuration process for Chrome is available. In order to configure it, create a new Profile especially for your I2P browsing, separate from the default profile. Then install this Extension in your newly-created profile. This profile is now configured to use I2P. Highly detailed instructions are available at the homepage.

Tüm Chrome Sürümleri

Chromium-Based Browsers like Chrome have slightly different places for their proxy settings depending on variant and platform. These instructions may be slightly different in Brave or Iridium, for instance. From the Main menu, navigate to the Settings, and search for the menu item. Clicking it will open the right settings for your platform.

Chrome Vekil Sunucu Ayarları

On Windows, this button will launch you into the shared proxy settings used by Internet Explorer, and you can configure it by following the Internet Explorer 8 guide.

Android için IceRaven ve diğer Firefox Sürümleri

Eklenti Temelli Yapılandırma

Modern Firefoxes(The "Fenix" based Firefoxes) do not generally have an about:config page for you to configure proxy settings manually. It is further not possible to use most extensions in Fenix-based Firefoxes. It is possible to enable support about:config and enable more extensions in Firefox Nightly at the time of this writing, but it's a manual and difficult process. IceRaven is a fork of Firefox which enables a collection of extensions while Mozilla and the Mozilla Community work on adding support for extensions to Firefox for Android. It provides the easiest way of configuring a modern Firefox-based Browser for Android. It does not come from Mozilla and carries no guarantees from them. Installing the extension in IceRaven will proxy all your IceRaven browsing over I2P.

If you have not installed IceRaven yet, go to the next step. If you have been using IceRaven for a while, go to the main menu, select the History tab, and make sure that you have cleared information about your past browsing by tapping the "Delete History" button.

Open the IceRaven main menu, and scroll to the top until you see the "Add-Ons" submenu. Tap the "Add-Ons Manager" option in the "Add-Ons" submenu. Install the extension named I2P Proxy for Android and other Systems.

Your IceRaven browser is now configured to use I2P.

This extension also works in pre-Fenix(Pre-Firefox-68) Firefox based web browsers, if installed from the following URL. I2P Proxy for Android and Other Systems

Bu eklenti Chromium eklentisi ile aynıdır ve aynı kaynak kodundan derlenmiştir.

Firefox Nightly sürümünde eklentiyi etkinleştirebilmek için Mozilla tarafından Günlükte açıklanan adımları izlemeniz gerekir.

Internet Explorer

Ayarları açmak için başlat ​​menüsünde "Ağ ve İnternet Ayarları" seçeneğini arayın. Menüdeki son kayıt Vekil Sunucu Ayarlarıdır. I2P bağlantısı kurmak için vekil sunucunuz üzerine tıklayın.

IE İnternet Ayarları

"Yerel ağınız için bir proxy sunucu kullanın" ve "Yerel adresler için proxy sunucuyu atla" seçeneklerini işaretleyin. Gelişmiş düğmesine tıklayarak bağlantı noktalarını (iletişim noktası) ayarlayabileceğiniz pencereyi açın. IP adresi için ve iletişim noktası için HTTP için 4444, HTTPS için 4445 olarak görseldeki gibi yazın. Tamam üzerine tıklayın. Ayarlar kaydedilir ve web tarayıcınız I2P vekil sunucusunu kullanabilir.

IE Vekil Sunucu Ayarları

Çıkış Vekil sunucusu Hizmet Koşulları

I2P is not designed for creating proxies to the Internet. Instead, it is meant to be used as an internal network.

The I2P project itself does not run any proxies to the Internet. The I2P software includes a default outproxy: exit.stormycloud.i2p. These are run by a volunteer.

By default, I2P comes with one outproxy configured: exit.stormycloud.i2p.

I2P Sites that are accessible via .i2p addresses are also not allowed via the outproxies.

Tor provides a browser to use as an outproxy to the Internet.